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June 26, 2009, 9:56 am
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Even though i’m not a big M.J.’s fan, I have to admit that I was shocked by the news too.

When my dad told me about the news, I thought he was joking but what came into my mind after my 2 minutes of surfing through CNN’s website was

“WHAT THE FUCK!? How can this be real ?”

The King’s dead.. the King of Pop is dead..  ?


I still feel like My favorite songs such as Smooth Criminal, Thriller, and Heal The World, Black or White, BAD were hitting the top ten on the Bill Board chart yesterday..

Too soon Michael.. Gone too soon…

the word “M.J.” doesn’t stand for “Marc Jacobs” or “Mary Jane” to me anymore, people.

It stands for the legend who had me sit in front of the TV screen for hours just to try to figure out whether his Moon Walk was real or fake, the one I’ll tell my kid(s) who he was, the one whose name will be in my heart forever, the one and only Michael Jackson.

RIP Michael Jackson, 1958-2009.


The Tour
June 17, 2009, 1:06 pm
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Check out this new BB “Tour” 9630

From what I read in crackberry forums, since this one looks a lot like Bold, I could say that it’s an upgraded version of Bold. The browser is even better than Storms and the camera is much better than the Bold itself.

I hate to say that Bold is much sexier for me, but I just don’t like its camera so I guess it’s time to change huh?

The Tour is set to be released this July but I think I’ll have to wait a little longer until it’s fully unlocked and usable in Thailand sooo..  it’s time to turn myself into a cheap bastard once more !


Thanks to HB
May 29, 2009, 10:41 am
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Big up to Hypebeast for reminding me about my latest bad memory,the party i missed last night : Steve Aoki@808, by posting the news about a new collabo between WESC headphone and some music records including my favourite, Dimmak (This is where it hits me 😦 ).

Why can’t every front door guard be so kind like my mom? :S

I don’t really wanna get old, but I also hate being young.


Kid Millionaire
April 28, 2009, 5:01 pm
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Please please please !!

28,000 pounds of toys
April 24, 2009, 6:38 am
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Another great film from Walden Media. I can’t believe I missed it when it was in the theatre. :S

The film was great. Amos and EDC’s favourite, the Ugly Dolls, were featured in the film. They’ve shown up in many scenes.

Love you, Natalie.

And since I brought up about toys, this one is also another definitely-cant-be-missed:

It’s the V to the A to the D-E-R and da Truupa Be@rbricks !

November release.


Life and Time
April 23, 2009, 10:39 am
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Please note that today’s post is kinda gay.

MY life’s been very boring lately. I didnt mean that it sucks or anything. Yes, I have a good life but that’s just not enough because everyday is the same. I feel like i’m repeating what I did yesterday, last month, last year. I’m a college student then isn’t that what I’m suppose to be doing, you asked? Yes, I am but everyone (EVERYfcknONE i repeat) needs some entertainments and you know that. The thing is.. I couldn’t find one. Damn me. I’ll come back and delete this whole thing when I feel that the time’s right.. when I feel that I’m the happiest guy on this little planet.

TIME CHANGE PEOPLE CHANGE. Not only their manners, but also the appearance for somebody. Mr.A sent me a picture of my old friend (I might not suppose to be calling him a friend since I can’t even remember his voice.). I was shocked when I saw it. You’ll see how hes related to the famous Hollywood’s quote.

He’s a guy i swear.

Vote for him if you guys see him in the contests.

And here’s another lol pic from my computer.

Can your Monogramouflage beat his, Mr. Murakami ??


ps. I lost almost 3,000 of views. Where are they yeezy ?


April 18, 2009, 10:08 am
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